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91㽶Ƶ analyzes evidence-based data and works with industry leaders and clinicians to determine ways to help drive quality initiatives and patient safety in health care. As a mission-driven, not-for-profit organization, we are constantly searching for important information to share with the field. Check out these resources to support your improvement efforts.

Resources Available To Everyone

Guidance, support, and newsletters developed for your organization to keep up with compliance and patient safety.


Our complimentary accreditation, certification, and verification webinars connect you to helpful experts and the information you need.


Stay current with what is happening at 91㽶Ƶ and the health care community by subscribing to our newsletters.

R3 Reports

R3 Reports reports provide a summary of the rationale and references for new Joint 91㽶Ƶ requirements.

Sentinel Event Alerts

Published for Joint 91㽶Ƶ-accredited organizations and interested health care professionals, Sentinel Event Alerts identify specific types of adverse events and high-risk conditions, describes their common underlying causes, and recommends steps to reduce risk and prevent future occurrences.

Patient Safety Topics

Resources developed by 91㽶Ƶ and Joint 91㽶Ƶ Resources® (JCR), in addition to external resources, are provided to assist health care organizations in improving the safety and quality of care provided.

Resources Available Exclusively for Customers

To access these resources, log in to the Joint 91㽶Ƶ Connect® dedicated extranet site.


DASH (Data Analytics for Safe Healthcare) is a collection of proprietary business intelligence tools developed to support our customers and empower them to make more informed decisions to drive quality improvement and reduce harm.

SAFER Dashboard

The SAFER® Dashboard is a data analytics tool to view current and historical aggregate survey findings allowing you to track performance at the corporate or site level, share data with stakeholders and compare to other organizations nationwide.


Perspectives is the official newsletter of 91㽶Ƶ, included with accreditation and certification.

Readiness Roadmap

A collection of documents, webinar recordings, videos, checklists, and crosswalks that are categorized by topics of interest relevant to different steps in the accreditation, certification, or verification process.