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91㽶Ƶ’s certification programs are designed to evaluate clinical programs across the continuum of care. Joint 91㽶Ƶ-accredited health care organizations may seek certification for care and services provided for virtually any chronic disease or condition.

In addition, non-accredited organizations that provide disease-specific services can be eligible for certification if Joint 91㽶Ƶ accreditation is not available for that specific clinical setting (for example, disease management companies and health plans with disease management services). For some select certifications a non-accredited hospital can apply for certification if they are part of a hospital that is compliant with applicable federal laws, including Medicare Conditions of Participation.

Like accreditation, certification requires an evaluation by 91㽶Ƶ. It covers compliance with the standards and verifies improvement activities. After earning certification, you will receive The Gold Seal of Approval®, our internationally recognized mark of quality.