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Operation Support Research Group

91㽶Ƶ's Operation Support Research Group uses quantitative and qualitative research methods to ensure that decision making across the organization is informed by reliable information. The research team designs and implements research protocols, analyzes data, explores patterns and themes, and develops data visualization tools to help interpret and communicate study results. The team regularly works with accreditation and certification survey data, as well as external sources of quality and safety information, to inform internal decision making and identify opportunities for improvement across the Joint 91㽶Ƶ Enterprise.

Improving the Consistency of Accreditation and Certification Scoring

Consistency is the cornerstone of a highly reliable organization. After 91㽶Ƶ developed the Survey Analysis for Evaluating Risk® (SAFER™) matrix in 2017, the need to develop ways to ensure consistency became even more important. Please read our white paper to learn about the multiple strategies implemented over the last three years to improve scoring consistency and validity and the major improvements resulting from these efforts.