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Contact Us About Health Care Equity

Like you, we believe all people deserve access to safe, high quality health care.

While systemic inequities in the quality and safety of the patient care experience exist — including gaps in interpreting services and access to telehealth — we believe there is a path forward. Health Care Equity Certification guides forward movement in imbedding health care equity in all aspects of care, treatment, and service delivery. 

This certification is well-suited for organizations that are already on their journey to health care equity and would like to formalize structures, processes, and goals for identifying and addressing health disparities. Certification can help:

  • Ensure health care equity is a key pillar of the organization’s strategic plan.
  • Advance collaboration with other organizations to understand the needs of the community.
  • Improve data collection and analysis of disparities in care to guide actions to address gaps.
  • Staff see how diversity, equity and inclusion relate to the organization’s ability to ensure equitable care to those they serve.
  • Identify areas to improve and evaluate any changes it makes to support its health equity goals.

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